Grand Opening of the Gundam Kitchen 2.0

Come celebrate with The Gundam Kitchen’s anime, gunpla, and gaming community. This party is only a few days before Halloween, so of course costumes and cosplay are welcome.
This event will also be October’s Gunpla Potluck so bring your kits. Build and play… crack open a kit and build in the hobby room or get a miniatures game in on our huge new tables (or learn to play). We will have an auction for some cool Tokyo Base EXCLUSIVE kits! AND for any purchases over $30 you will receive a $5 Millennium Hobbies gift card for a purchase on a future visit.


One entry for every $5 donated
For every $5 donation receives 1 entry. Raffle winner will be able to pick 1 of the following prizes MG Avalanche RG Sazabi & HG Phenex Kill Team in stock faction starter set & rule book The raffle will be picked on 10/25s After Dark PERKS STACK Already donated, u will receive your multiples of $5 entries. In store cash entries will be accepted