Millennium Hobbies & The Gundam Kitchen host events weekly and monthly


Nov 18, 2017

Gunpla Fabrication Class: Hosted by Tim ChildofMecha and Justiniusbuilds

Class will be November 18th at 12pm-4pm. Tickets can be purchased here or in store. There will be limited of 25 tickets sold to this event, so get yours early.

Instructors: Tim Child of Mecha and Justiniusbuilds
Class will focus on using epoxy and styrene to build up features on Gundam models. Small amount of epoxy will be provided and styrene for hands on learning. Please bring basic tools: hobby knife, sanding stick….

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased @

We ran a series of 6 classes in March and April 2017.  Class covered Gunpla 101, hand painting, weathering, posing and photography,  diorama building, and airbrushing.  These are some photos from those class.  Keep checking back for updates on future class or you can request private classes.

Wednesday Game Nights

X-Wing, Tanks, Flames of War, Infinity, Krosmasters, and Gundam Skirmish

Gundam Skirmish

Gundam Skirmish
The game created:
City game table is open for play (first come first served) any business day. Games take roughly 1 hours so come at least 2 hours before closing. Study rules and directions @



Gunpla Potluck

Join us for the Gunpla Potluck. Hang out and talk all things mech related. Bring your projects and finished work to The Gundam Kitchen or start building a whole new kit. Share tips and tricks and get inspiration. From 5pm to 8pm.  Dec 30th 2017

Here is a review of one of our events from

Gunpla Potluck is usually last Saturday of the month.










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