​New gaming shipment



Flames of war

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Just released Flames of War: Marder Tank-hunter, Schlepper Battery, Pander IV Platoon, Motor Platoon
Increasing the Infinity collection with Yu Jing, Haqqislam, and Nomads plus the just released Infinity Outrage Manga
TANKS NOT in photo: Achilles, Sherman, Cornwell, Jackson, ISUz152, SU-100, Puma, Comet
And more to coming tomorrow, just in time for game night ( Runewars expansions)
I have been working on our Infinity game board.  Just built that gray armoured vehicle, can’t wait to get some paint on it.

Our growing selection of miniature gaming

We are focusing on Fantacy Flight miniature games, Flames of War, TANKS, AND Krosmaster, and Infinity.  We have open game nights on Wednesdays.  Game night is a great time to play or learn a new game.  Looking to expand our gaming community, so if you have an X-wing gaming group, or any of the other games we offer, and would like to set another dedicated night for that game please let me know.